Govt relaxes eligibility criteria for highway projects

3 days ago 8

NEW DELHI: Construction companies involved in projects in real estate, hotel, hospital, stadium, warehousing and oil and gas sectors are being wooed by the government to participate in the bidding of highway projects.
The road transport and highways ministry has relaxed the technical and financial parameters of bidders in its bid to increase the basket of contractors to take up more road projects. The ministry’s efforts to increase the number of eligible contractors gain importance considering that the government wants to bid out more road projects as it attempts to improve infrastructure and boost economic activities.

In the past few years, the highways ministry has gone ahead with its strategy to bid out small stretches to make small contractors eligible for such projects and also to boost economic activities.
“This modification and host of new amendments in the bidding norms are aimed at encouraging and promoting domestic players under the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative. Players who have done in these expanded sectors will now get more score to be qualified and in bagging projects,” said a highways ministry official.
The relaxations have also been made for the bidding of tunnel construction projects. According to changes in the bid parameters, no prior experience is required by contractors for tunnel measuring up to 200 metres. Similarly, in the case of bridges, no prior experience is required for such structures of up to 60 metres.
These changes aimed at promoting local players will also infuse more equity in the sectors.

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